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    The Most Pathetic Excuse for a Website. Fuck you Kristov Jagai and Sanjeev Bahadursingh


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    The Most Pathetic Excuse for a Website. Fuck you Kristov Jagai and Sanjeev Bahadursingh

    Post  Hindsight on Sat May 12, 2012 2:03 pm

    1. 'Hindsight'

      This is being posted as I have been removed from a website I helped to build. In a matter of one day, for speaking my mind. James, and all you other fucking idiots. I thought better of you as Admins, and I will get to each and every one of you pathetic wastes of space in a second.

      If you read this, or any of the sleeping Administrators here, I am exposing everyone for the fuck of it.

      You will take this down the minute any softy, Trinidadian Rock supporters complain because you have no sack whatsoever.

      Sanjeev Buck Bahawhateveryourfuckingname is. Your music is bog-standard. Dry, uninteresting, unappealing, and ultimately going nowhere. Keep thinking you're someone for being a bedroom producer. Cunt.

      'Hi, I'll do a Soca remix one minute, then I'll do a Meshuggah tribute the next minute. I'll post this 6 times on your wall today. Now that you know all about me, can you please suck my dick?'

      Kristov Jagai. Give it up. You will never record, You will never make it anywhere, you will keep sucking up and kissing asses for nothing. You will be the only one left not realising Escobar is a sad joke. No one likes you guys.

      'Hi, I love promoting shoddy bandroom footage. Two years later.'

      Kanson Mank Seenarine. 'I chime in here to lend moral support. I cannot write properly, I cannot read well, I think I better call for backup and tag friends and veterans of the scene to try to see if they can do the job of getting someone off the internet. But wait seriously, I think I'll delete my post instead as I'm really only here to dick-ride, piggy-back and band-wagon. Forever a nobody.'

      Fuck You.

    Posts : 2
    Join date : 2012-05-12

    Re: The Most Pathetic Excuse for a Website. Fuck you Kristov Jagai and Sanjeev Bahadursingh

    Post  Hindsight on Sat May 12, 2012 9:36 pm

    1. NOT banned yet? James, hiding are we? Where are your Administrators? You know, Kassidy and Nicholai? Or should I say 'Dreamshatterer' and 'Nosferatu' and that other bitch whose name I don't care to remember.

      Here's the thing:

      I never wanted to go along with this site. In fact I was duped into the whole thing as I thought this was actually a lucrative venture where I could expand my Videography career in. Should've realised then and there you were full of shit. But Instead, you force me to edit videos with parts that you've selected yourself, that mainly consists of two fucktard guys babbling over some bullshit insignificant Caribbean scene. I wipe my ass with that abomination you want me to be a part of.

      The most amazing thing about all of this is you asked me to fill in for Nicholai and have the nerve to ban me for speaking my mind. I said what had to be said. And to really address these uneducated goofball kids you see in that group:

      What exactly is with this bullshit logic that I need to be in a band to have an opinion about you dipshits. I guess your admin is a failed musician trying to push dreamers.

      'Hi, I'm a musician. If you praise me, you're fine, if you have a different opinion than me, we have a problem and you would need to be in a band. You will also need a degree, you also need to be able to understand 4/4 timing, you need to play a guitar, you need to have a previous band I can judge for myself, you need to read notation, you need to spike your hair, you need
      to recognise who the fuck I am.'

      Keep the pathetic train going. Fuckface.

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